Our Specialisms

Checked Recruitment specialises in hiring talent in Sales, Engineering, Finance, Operations and HR. The extensive presence of our recruitment expertise guarantees better service to our clients.


Checked Sales supports our clients within the Insurance, technology, SaaS and wider professional services sectors with their urgent needs across their client facing teams.


Checked Engineering supports our clients within the wider manufacturing sector (automotive, aerospace, advanced engineering and production - to name just a few).


Checked Operations understand better than most that there are many cogs vital to the smooth running of our clients' businesses, involving very different tasks but which are all interconnected.


Checked Finance knows that the finance function is the foundation of any organisation and take on many important roles, and those roles have changed considerably over the years.


At Checked HR we understand the modern HR function is often the glue that holds a thriving business together, they facilitate growth by managing every aspect of employee and operational needs.

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